GroupDocs.Comparison is a one-stop solution for comparing documents, irrespective of their format and whether you actually have the software required to open and edit the documents. It is a web-based tool that allows you to quickly and accurately compare two documents online, directly from your web browser. Not only that, it actually allows you to merge the differences found in two Word documents and save them as a one final .docx file!

Compare Documents with a Redline Change Tracking View

When you compare documents, GroupDocs.Comparison creates a redline view of how they differ one from another. Inserted text is highlighted with red underlines, while removed text is marked with red strike-outs. This way you can easily find changes between two document revisions. This should be familiar to Microsoft Word users, because Word tracks document changes the same way.

Compare Word Documents of Any Format

Compare Word Documents of Any Format

GroupDocs.Comparison allows you to compare documents of any type that can be opened by Microsoft Word, including DOC, DOCX, DOCM, DOT, DOTM, DOTX, RTF, ODT, ODS and OTT. And you don’t even need Microsoft Word installed on your PC to compare documents. Just upload two versions of a file and let GroupDocs compare them!

Merge & Export Compared Documents to a Word File

Merge & Export Compared Documents to a Word File

Document comparison is only useful when you can consolidate the differences between two files. GroupDocs.Comparison allows you to merge different versions of a document into a single file, and then export it to a Microsoft Word document with the change tracking feature turned on. The final document can be then edited offline by applying or rejecting differences between the two initial files

Jump through the Document to Find  Differences Quickly

Jump through the Document to Find Differences Quickly

GroupDocs.Comparison provides you with a simple and convenient interface for comparing documents. It lets you jump back and forth between highlighted differences with the click of a button. This way you always know where you are so that you don't get lost in even the most complex documents.