How to Get Questionnaire Form ID for GroupDocs Assembly Plugin

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How to Get Questionnaire Form ID for GroupDocs.Assembly Plugin?

To get a questionnaire form ID for GroupDocs.Assembly Plugin, do the following:

  1. Log in to GroupDocs dashboard using your credentials.

  2. In the Dashboard list, click Assembly

    Result: Now, you are redirected to the latest GroupDocs.Assembly dashboard. In the dashboard, you can see existing questionnaires under Active Assembly area.

  3. Click (the Collector icon) in line with your preferred questionnaire that you are planning to embed.

    Result: The Collector panel is displayed.

  4. Click (the Edit icon).

  5. Copy the questionnaire form ID, which is a portion of the Embed link, as shown in the below given figure.

    Tip 1
    This form ID can be used while embedding questionnaires in your websites using the GroupDocs.Assembly plugin.
    Tip 2
    To find more information on how to prepare a document for assembly and how to assemble the prepared document, refer to out existing GroupDocs.Assembly help documentation .
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