How to Get the GUID Or Document ID

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   Getting the GUID (Or Document ID)?

To get the GUID, do the following:

  1. Log in to GroupDocs dashboard using your credentials.

  2. In the Dashboard list, click Viewer.

    In this example, the steps to get GUID from Viewer app is shown. In order to get GUID from Annotation app, you need to select Annotation instead of Viewer while selecting the application from your dashboard. Other steps are same on both cases.

    Result: The Open File window is displayed when you enter into the Viewer dashboard.

  3. Click your preferred document to be displayed, or else click Upload, and then select your preferred document.

    Result: The selected document is displayed using the Viewer app.

  4. Click  (the Embed icon)

    Result: The Embed this document window is displayed.

  5. Click the Copy to Clipboard button to copy the GUID or document ID.

    You can use this GUID code while embedding the document in different third-party platforms.

    In the Embed this document window, you can set the width, height, image quality, and a password to the document. In addition, you can set set privileges to allow users to download and print the embedded document. By default, the download and print options are disabled.
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