Easy Integrate GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET Library into Your ASP.NET MVC5 App

GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET Library logoGroupDocs.Annotation for .NET library is a web-based framework which provides features for annotating different types of documents in a web-browser without having to install plugins or middleware on the client. With GroupDocs.Annotation, end users can view and annotate PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OpenOffice, AutoCAD and other types of documents and image files. The library comes with a set of commenting and markup tools, including: rectangles, polylines, watermarks, point and area notes, text markup and strikeouts.

In this article I'd like to help you discover the GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET library's basic functionality: how it works, where annotations are stored, how to manage users, etc. I'm also going to show you how to use the library in an ASP.NET MVC application. The sample project described in the article is based on MVC5, but most of the code can be used with any other versions of the MVC framework.

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Using a Network Storage with the GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET Library

Greetings everyone!
GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET Library logo

Not all of you might know that the latest version of the GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET library can read and save annotated documents not only from local storage or web links, but also from network storage. In other words, you can now locate documents on any network machine.

This feature can be useful for businesses who have several machines networked to one main storage, or for customers who use one machine as a server and another one as a file storage. In this article I'd like to show you how to use network storage with the GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET library and how to configure your servers.

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GroupDocs.Annotation for Java – Integrating with a Java Web Project

GroupDocs.AnnotationGreetings everyone!
As you may already know, we've recently released the GroupDocs.Annotation for Java library. It is basically an HTML5-based document viewer that comes with a comprehensive set of tools for marking up and commenting on documents of almost 50 file formats. The library provides end users with the ability to view, annotate and collaborate on documents in real time.

Today we'd like to present you with a quick guide on how to set up a basic Java web application with the document annotation capability. In this tutorial you will find out how to initialize and use AnnotationHandler, the main class that represents the GroupDocs.Annotation library itself. Further, you will find a request mapping, so that you can correctly map user actions to the server side code. Another nice feature is the configuration of the SignalR library, the tool that enables real time collaboration mode, when several parties can annotate the same document simultaneously and see each other's comments in real time.

For those of you who would like to try and test the GroupDocs.Annotation for Java web application, but have no time for creating it from scratch, we provide the project source code. So feel free to download, deploy and configure it for your needs.

If you are using NetBeans, you can just create a new "Web Application with Existing Sources", point to the sample sources and start it from the IDE.

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GroupDocs.Annotation for Java Library – Annotate PDF, Office and Image Files within Your Java Apps

Java PDF AnnotationWe are pleased to inform developers, especially those of you who prefer the Linux platform, about the release of the GroupDocs.Annotation for Java library. It is an HTML5 standard compliant library that allows you to display PDF, Microsoft Office and image files and comes with a comprehensive set of document commenting and markup tools. The viewer can work two ways: by rasterizing documents or by converting them to a combination of SVG, HTML and CSS. Both methods deliver clear, high-fidelity rendering. Key benefits include: 

  • Seamlessly enable end users to view, annotate, share and print more than 45 document formats, including PDF, Microsoft Office (DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, etc.) and OpenDocument files (ODT, ODS, etc.), plain text documents, CAD and raster images within your Java apps.
  • Documents can be rendered as real text files (HTML5 based technology of HTML, CSS and SVG combination), meaning users can select, mark up, strikeout and comment on text within a document.
  • GroupDocs.Annotation for Java is a 100% native solution - you don't need any 3rd party software.
  • Simplicity of installation - the library can be deployed with a packaged JAR file or hosted within your own servlet container.
  • Using only a few JavaScript lines or an iframe, you can integrate the UI, which can be easily customized to fit the look and style of your own app.
  • GroupDocs.Annotation for Java is set up to work cross-domain using JSONP and CORS, so it's designed to be run external to projects. Thanks to this, PHP and RoR Linux-based applications can use it from within the same server.
  • The library allows end users to view and annotate documents from any web-enabled device, including tablets and mobiles, and using any HTML5 compliant web-browser.

For more information on the GroupDocs.Annotation for Java library, please visit the product page, check out code samples and download a free evaluation copy.

Also, please feel free to contact our sales team for an evaluation license which enables you to test all features without any limits during 30 days for free.

GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET 1.2.0 – Now Supports Script Minimization and JSON Storage for Annotations

We're happy to announce the release of a new version of our HTML5 document annotation library - GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET 1.2.0! This version includes new exciting features and enhancements, some of which are listed below:

  • Added ability to manage document collaborators’ access rights.
  • Added ability to manage document collaborators’ drawing color.
  • Added ability for scripts minimization.
  • Page break option on the summary pane.
  • Option to specify a database connection string using server-side code.
  • Added support for JSON storage for annotations.
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Servers 2008/2012.

This version also saw a number of fixes to known bugs, including:

  • Submit/Delete/Cancel buttons were displayed in two rows in edit mode.
  • Header panel was overlapped by "Annotation tools" widget.
  • Users couldn't add "Point annotation" on the second page if there were several pages in a row.
  • Users couldn't edit reply to an annotation.

For more info on some of the new features, please see the online help.

To see a list of all updates and download the GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET library 1.2.0, please go to this page.

If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to raise them within the GroupDocs Support Forums, and we'll be happy to assist.

HTML5 Image, PDF and Microsoft Office Document Annotation Library for ASP.NET, C# and VB.NET Apps

We've received a lot of feedback from our customers asking us to create a .NET library based on our HTML5 document annotation app. We've worked hard and today are pleased to announce the release of the document annotation library for developers on .NET platforms (ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET). Using the library, developers can seamlessly enhance their web and mobile apps with the ability to annotate Microsoft Office documents, PDFs and image files. The benefits that the library offers include:

  1. End users can annotate more than 45 file formats, including all common Microsoft Office documents (DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, etc.), PDF files and images (JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF).
  2. Thanks to HTML5 technology, documents are rendered as a combination of images and selectable text. This allows end users to select, comment on, strikeout and mark up text while annotating documents within your web or mobile app.
  3. The library is extremely lightweight and can be integrated with a single DLL, while the UI can be embedded with just a few lines of JS code.
  4. The UI can be easily customized using your own CSS so that it matches your app's look and feel.
  5. GroupDocs Annotation for .NET is a completely independent library. So, no 3rd party software is required.
  6. End users can annotate images, PDFs and other documents from any web-enabled device, including mobiles and tablets without having to install Flash, Adobe Acrobat or any other plugins. All modern browsers are supported.
  7. The library comes with a comprehensive set of annotation tools. End users can mark up, strikeout and comment on text, add notes to images and any point on the document, draw freehand lines and shapes, drop watermarks, etc. Annotated documents can be saved, downloaded, printed out or exported to a PDF file with all the comments and markups added by end users.
  8. Lastly, we offer free support to developers during the whole integration period to make the deployment hassle-free.

If you'd like to integrate the HTML5 PDF & image annotation capabilities into your app, please download a free trial version, or contact our sales team for a 30-day free evaluation license which comes with a fully-functional version of the library. Also, please visit the product page for more details on features and code samples.

Online PDF Annotation Plugin for Moodle CMS Now Available for Download

We're glad to announce the launch of GroupDocs' annotation plugin for Moodle. GroupDocs Annotation, an online annotation app, is popular with our users because it lets them annotate and review most popular file formats from a web-browser. Upload any document that you want a team to review to a GroupDocs account. Then copy and paste the embed link to a Moodle page. Invite and share the link with members to start collaborative annotation. Moodle CMS displays the embedded document and makes file sharing easy and simple.

GroupDocs Annotation lets you annotate PDF and other files from a web-browser. A wide set of annotation option allows reviewers to add comments the way that suits them best: by adding comments, for example, or drawing on the document. In minutes, members working across different time-zones can collaborate and suggest changes. All comments are saved in a single file that helps publishing teams expedite the review cycle.

GroupDocs Annotation: Benefits

Document review processes are often long. A document must go through different checks and is reviewed by different divisions in an organization. Sometimes, the existing process does not use employees time the best way it could. GroupDocs Annotation offers compelling document management benefits to individuals and organizations. It's a Cloud app, and Cloud apps have transformed the way organizations operate. They reduce cost, can improve productivity and facilitate team collaboration.

Some of the benefits of GroupDocs Annotation are:

  • Wide file format support: Supports a wide-range of file formats from text, spreadsheets, PDF, or image files.
  • Collaboration: Share a link or invite members via email. Within minutes, team members collaborate online.
  • Integration: Download and install the plugin to your CMS and embed the document directly from GroupDocs.
  • Access rights: Restrict document rights (download, print, or copy) when sharing documents to prevent unauthorized use.
  • View comments in side panel: Read the comments made by each reviewer to keep updated and avoid repeating comments.
  • Presentation modeView documents in real-time, broadcasting mouse, scroll and zoom events.

Why GroupDocs Annotation?

When active minds collaborate, new ideas are generated. Organizations understand the 'social explosion' phenomena worldwide that has changed buyer attitudes and behavior. They adapt to new methods and technologies to improve work output, collaborate faster and create an exchange platform when working to create the next big product. Customer feedback and suggestions are important aspects for product design. In short: fast review, feedback, and collaboration holds great value for product development.

GroupDocs' cloud-based annotation app serves the need for different industry verticals. Annotate PDF, Microsoft Word or image files from your desk. Engage in document sharing, add comments, resolve conflicts and improve document quality. No additional software is required as it runs in a web-browser. Collaborate with global teams easily and start reviewing online. Anyone invited to collaborate on a document can view, read and comment. This platform not only promotes making suggestions or reviewing documents, it also acts an an in-house employee forum for discussions.

From academic institutions, technology start-ups, law firms, online businesses, advertising firms - all need a powerful online document management platform.

Want to see how it works? Try now!. Learning GroupDocs' PDF annotation app is easy: you will understand the flow in minutes.

We appreciate and value our customers' feedback. Your suggestions can help us improve and deliver products and services effectively. Write an email to [email protected]chat online or post feedback or queries on the GroupDocs Forum.

PDF Annotation Plugin for Contao CMS Is Now Available for Download

Contao users have a reason to smile. Our team is happy to announce the launch of GroupDocs' Annotation plugin for Contao. Our document annotation app, GroupDocs Annotation, is popular with our users because it lets them annotate most popular file formats. Annotate PDF, word processing documents and images from a web-browser.

GroupDocs Annotation lets you mark up documents, share feedback, discuss ideas and expedite the document review cycle. Invite colleagues for document review. Your colleagues can choose from a set of annotation options to add comments. This way, GroupDocs Annotation facilitates collaboration between team members. All members of a team can see comments or suggestion made by others. Information publishers then consolidate the feedback saved in a single file and publish the document.

So save time, increase productivity, and make document collaboration simpler.

PDF Annotation Module for Contao Is Released

PDF Annotation Module for Contao Is Released

What is GroupDocs Annotation?

Is collaborating with different teams for review taking endless hours? Don't worry, GroupDocs Annotation helps you share and review documents online easily and quickly. All you need to do is to upload a document to your GroupDocs account and send invitations to members for document review. Members receive invitation and start annotating documents - text notes, point notes, and strikeouts are some of the options available. It's that simple, avoid exchanging emails and work smarter with GroupDocs Annotation.

GroupDocs' app lets you communicate and complete tasks faster, whether you're performing online PDF annotation or online JPEG annotation.

From product managers to subject matter experts, GroupDocs Annotation makes collaboration across different groups easy and is extremely beneficial when you're communicating with global teams. Streamline the review process and annotate PDF and other files from your desk.

Installing The Annotation Plugin

Please refer to our online help for detailed instructions on installing and using GroupDocs' annotation plugin for Contao.

Please Note: to start using GroupDocs Annotation, you need to sign up with GroupDocs first. But don't worry, we provide a free 14 days trial period so you can test the app before purchasing it.

Why GroupDocs Annotation?

Collaboration fosters innovation - the adage holds true for the modern technology era. Companies are going social to engage with customers and gather information about their likes and dislikes. To make winning products, companies need to understand the buyers' behavior, needs, utility, and benefits. To engage with consumers, community forums developed. People share their ideas, or service issues, and suggest ways of improving the platform. Organizations understand their customers' needs and model their product based on their feedback.

On the similar lines, file sharing and reviewing documents is a key activity in any workplace. Teams want to collaborate faster, resolve issues, and provide suggestions to improve document quality. The process results in faster communication and assist members to participate in collaborative reviewing. Writers and editors working on the project gain too and are not needed to follow-up with every member for review. Comments are visible to everyone in the group and people share ideas, resolve conflicts, and complete tasks efficiently.

GroupDocs Annotation is compatible with wide range of file formats and doesn't require software installations. The app allows you to annotate PDF, Excel and other files using only a browser. Academic institutions, healthcare, law firms, banking, advertising are some of the verticals that can leverage the power of GroupDocs Annotation

Learning is fun and simple. Engage in document annotation to see the benefits. Try it now!

Have interesting experiences to share? Please leave your feedback on GroupDocs' products on our forum.

Annotate PDF and Other Documents on CMSMS Web-Pages with GroupDocs’ Annotation Plugin

Our team is glad to announce the launch of GroupDocs' Annotation plugin for CMSMS users. Download and install the plugin to your CMSMS website to share and annotate files online. GroupDocs supports all widely used file formats so you can annotate PDF, word-processing documents and even images. GroupDocs Annotation is a web-based app which lets you add comments and notes to documents and images from a web-browser. Teams collaborate faster, share views, resolve conflict and expedite the workflow. Choose from a set of different annotation options (text notes, strikeouts, area notes, etc.) to comment in any way that suits you. See comments from all members in a single file. Save time, streamline the review process and prioritize tasks with our online application.

PDF Annotation Module for CMSMS Is Released

PDF Annotation Module for CMSMS Is Released

What is GroupDocs Annotation?

GroupDocs Annotation is a cloud-based application that lets you share and review documents online. The workflow is simple. First of all, select a document from your GroupDocs library or upload a document, and then share it with your team members. Invited members give suggestion and exchange ideas to improve the document. There is no need to write emails back and forth during the review: everyone involved is notified once comments or notes are added. This mechanism helps avoid confusion and people can manage tasks easily. With GroupDocs it's not a cumbersome task to annotate PDF or Word documents. GroupDocs Annotation supports most popular file formats!

GroupDocs Annotation is effective when collaborating in global teams. Constant reviews and updates are needed. GroupDocs Annotation allows you to streamline the review process and reduce the communication gap. From online PDF annotation to online image annotation, GroupDocs' app lets you share ideas, communicate and complete tasks faster.

Installing The Annotation Plugin

Refer to the online help for instructions on installing and using GroupDocs' annotation plugin for CMSMS.

Please Note: to start using GroupDocs Annotation on your CMSMS website, you need to sign up with GroupDocs first. But don't worry, we provide a free 14 days trial period so you can test the app before purchasing it.

Why GroupDocs Annotation?

Digital media has changed the way companies operate. As the web takes center-stage, corporations are remodeling their businesses to suit new needs. Collaboration is very important for many reasons: get instant updates, stay current, save time and deliver content. In the same context, document sharing and reviewing has seen a paradigm shift from the traditional sharing of Word documents via email. People want real-time collaboration between groups to resolve complex discussions or views before releasing a product. GroupDocs Annotation helps them with this.

Global teams working on big projects benefit from GroupDocs Annotation. Projects often involve collaboration between multiple groups, which means that a document goes through multiple reviews. It can be difficult for editors and writers who have to collaborate with every team and gather feedback. Not anymore! Share documents and invite teams to participate in collaborative reviewing. Individuals post their comments which are saved in a repository. Writers incorporate changes and deliver results.

GroupDocs Annotation overcomes cross-platform and cross-version issues allowing you to annotate PDF and others document types online. GroupDocs Annotation has wide industry usage and can help banks, academic institutions, law firms, IT companies, etc. leverage the power of online document collaboration.

Try it now to see the difference. You will get going in minutes.

Have interesting experiences to share? Please leave your feedback on GroupDocs products on our forum.

GroupDocs Apps v2.9 – Features and Fixes

The GroupDocs team is constantly working to improve the functionality of our online document management apps. Today we introduce a set of new features and bug fixes. Let's take a closer look:

GroupDocs Annotation

Features implemented

  • Major
    • [ANNOTATION-266] Icon and color customization

Bugs Fixed

  • Critical
    • [ANNOTATION-251] Annotation 1/2. Only point annotation works.
    • [ANNOTATION-263] Annotations cannot be created.
  • Major
    • [ANNOTATION-249] Annotation 2. Cannot delete reply.
    • [ANNOTATION-252] Annotation v.2. Annotations can't be created for images.
    • [ANNOTATION-253] Text selection works incorrectly.
    • [ANNOTATION-254] The book page flip mode does not have book covers.
    • [ANNOTATION-255] Fit Height works incorrectly after rotating iPhone.
    • [ANNOTATION-256] Annotation v.2. Broadcast vertical size in the real-time mode.
    • [ANNOTATION-257] Annotation v.2. The cursor position is broadcasted imprecisely in the real-time mode.
    • [ANNOTATION-259}] When Annotation is opened from the Apps menu, an error is shown "Exception in external component"
    • [ANNOTATION-260] "Add Document Reviewer" is not working in Annotation v.2.
    • [ANNOTATION-262] Annotation icons are shifted in the embedded Annotation.
    • [ANNOTATION-265] The icons on the RHS panel are scrolled to the first page even if another page is open.
    • [ANNOTATION-269] Annotation v.2. The document is scrolled to the top when an annotation is selected.
  • Minor
    • [ANNOTATION-264] A page specified in the URL hash does not open.
    • [ANNOTATION-267] The navigation buttons are not disabled for the first and last pages.

GroupDocs Viewer

Features Implemented

  • Minor
    • [WEB-465] The ability to disable right-click of mouse pointer menu in the standard Viewer.
    • [WEB-483] A bottom margin for pages.
    • [WEB-484} Reduce the side margins for pages.

Bugs Fixed

  • Critical
    • [WEB-426] "ploc is undefined" when loading Viewer.
    • [WEB-481] Signature fields are not shown in the Viewer for Signature.
  • Major
    • [WEB-425] Page numbers in the URL hash do not work for the scroll mode.
    • [WEB-429] Search does not work.
    • [WEB-434] The page number in the URL hash is not getting updated when scrolling.
    • [WEB-413] Embedded Options does not hide help in the Embedded Viewer.
    • [WEB-428] Double page flip breaks single page documents.
    • [WEB-457] Text selection is not working in page flip mode.
    • [WEB-458] The document scrolls incorrectly when navigating to a page by setting a page number.
    • [WEB-476] HTML 5 Viewer. The thumbnails have incorrect size for landscape documents.
    • [WEB-477] HTML 5 Viewer. Some pages are shifted down after zooming out in Chrome.
    • [WEB-478}] HTML 5 Viewer. Documents with multi-byte characters are divided into pages incorrectly.
  • Minor
    • [WEB-418] Incorrect help for Viewer.
    • [WEB-479] The loading background has a size, which is different from the page size.
    • [WEB-480] The loading background is not centered.
    • [WEB-482] The navigation buttons are not disabled for the first and last pages.
    • [WEB-489] Pages are in one column in the standard Viewer.

GroupDocs Viewer for .NET

Features Implemented

  • Major
    • [WEB-407] Installable Viewer. Merge all the assemblies into one.
    • [WEB-453] Installable Viewer. Open a document from a URL.
    • [WEB-454] Installable Viewer. Open a document from a stream.
    • [WEB-471] Installable Viewer. iPhone compatibility.
    • [WEB-474] HTML 5 Viewer client code.
    • [WEB-475] HTML 5 Viewer server code integration.
    • [WEB-488] An installer for the installable Viewer.
  • Minor
    • [WEB-423] Installable Viewer. Make the client code be automatically called when DOM loads.
    • [WEB-430] Installable Viewer. Change the word "trial" to "unlicensed" in the messages for users without licenses.
    • [WEB-432] Installable Viewer. Make the text selection rectangle invisible.
    • [WEB-404] Installable Viewer. Improve Evaluation Banner (HTML).
    • [WEB-440] Installable Viewer. Script debugging support.
    • [WEB-455] Installable Viewer. Make the resource URLs for the installable Viewer unique.
    • [WEB-460] Dynamic creation of the installable Viewer from code.
    • [WEB-463] Installable Viewer. Create a step-by-step example of Viewer setup.

Bugs Fixed

  • Critical
    • [WEB-427] Installable Viewer. An error is shown: "The controls collection cannot be modified".
    • [WEB-431] Installable Viewer. An error is shown when selecting an area: "this.options.txtarea is undefined".
    • [WEB-433] Installable Viewer is not working in the Integrated mode of IIS.
    • [WEB-435] Installable Viewer. Pages jump down and right when trying to turn them in the Page Flip mode.
    • [WEB-438] Installable Viewer. Zoom is working incorrectly.
    • [WEB-441] Installable Viewer. Pages from a second instance of the installable Viewer appear in a first instance.
    • [WEB-443] The second instance of the Installable Viewer is not working.
    • [WEB-446] Installable Viewer does not work on URLs with paths relative to host names.
    • [WEB-462] Installable Viewer. An error "JSON is undefined" occurs in IE.
    • [WEB-464] Installable Viewer. An error "Member not found" occurs in IE when scrolling.
    • [WEB-490] Installable Viewer. Licenses are not working.
    • [WEB-501] The license black list can't be loaded when the installable Viewer assembly resources are encrypted.
    • [WEB-502] An error about an incorrect parameter is shown when viewing an Excel file.
  • Major
    • [WEB-424] Installable Viewer. A page number is shown in the URL hash though there can be multiple instances of Viewer on the page.
    • [WEB-436] Installable Viewer. The Page Flip book is too wide initially.
    • [WEB-437] Installable Viewer. The height/width ratio in the page flip mode is incorrect.
    • [WEB-442] Fit Width and Fit Height Zoom work incorrectly for the Page Flip mode.
    • [WEB-448] Page numbers in the navigation and thumbnail widgets do not change when turning pages using the bars in the page flip mode.
    • [WEB-450] The document scrolls incorrectly when navigating to a page by setting a page number.
    • [WEB-451] Thumbnails do not load after navigating to a page.by setting the page number.
    • [WEB-459] Installable Viewer. Image URLs are incorrect when the installable Viewer is on a URL with a virtual directory suffix.
    • [WEB-467] Installable Viewer. Fit Height works incorrectly after setting the page flip mode and opening another document.
    • [WEB-468] Installable Viewer. The page flip mode works incorrectly in IE8.
    • [WEB-469] Installable Viewer. The document name is not shown in the flip mode.
    • [WEB-470] Installable Viewer. BackgroundColor does not change the color of the Thumbs button.
    • [WEB-495] Document updates are not reflected by the Installable Viewer.
    • [WEB-503] Installable Viewer. Pages have incorrect proportions after zooming out and loading another documents.
  • Minor
    • [WEB-439] Installable Viewer. The URL hash contains folder names.
    • [WEB-447] Installable Viewer. Documents are opened with gray letters instead of black when the Open File dialog is used.
    • [WEB-449] The page number changes when switching between the scroll mode and page flip mode.
    • [WEB-452] Installable Viewer. Zoom out works as zoom in if a document was opened with Fit Height.
    • [WEB-456] Installable Viewer. The application URL used in the requests in ASP.NET host applications contains the name of the site's default page.
    • [WEB-485] Installable Viewer. Fit Width does not take the scroll bar width into account.
    • [WEB-486] Installable Viewer. Fit Height does not take the bottom margin into account
    • [WEB-497] Installable Viewer. The page number is not changing when scrolling the installable Viewer with hidden thumbnails
    • [WEB-498] The "Loading your content" text is not centered in the regular Viewer

GroupDocs Assembly

Features Implemented

  • Major
    • [DA-187] Conditional logic for questionnaire execution.

Bugs Fixed

  • Critical
    • [DA-174] The layout of the questionnaire executions page is broken.
    • [DA-183] Assembly 2. Cannot upload file in Firefox.
    • [DA-184] Assigned questions cannot be saved.
  • Minor
    • [DA-181] Progress overlay does not covert the whole content.

GroupDocs Signature

Features Implemented

  • [SIGN-1224] - Implementation of desktop notifications in signature 2.
  • [SIGN-1237] - Automatic envelope status update in envelopes dashboard.
  • [SIGN-1240] - Notify logged-in recipients about the new envelope received for signing.
  • [SIGN-1247] - Show desktop notification to the form owner when the signer opens the form for signing.
  • [SIGN-1202] - Sign document from Google drive in signature 2.
  • [SIGN-1255] - Signature in different colors.
  • [SIGN-1274] - Implemented envelope.document.rename API method.
  • [SIGN-1275] - Implemented document rename in envelope preparation wizard.
  • [SIGN-1336] - Implemented cancel envelope in envelopes dashboard.
  • [SIGN-1349] - Implemented template.document.rename API method.
  • [SIGN-1350] - Implemented rename document in the template preparation wizard.
  • [SIGN-1353] - Enhanced in-person signing process
  • [SIGN-1376] - Added new options for a form (notify owner on sign, attach signed document in notification email, etc.)


  • [SIGN-1185] - Implemented async signing for forms.
  • [SIGN-1186] - Implemented async signing of documents.
  • [SIGN-1234] - Modified verify document API method to return additional data for the document.
  • [SIGN-1245] - Remove clone,delete, archive, restart buttons for envelopes if the currently logged user is not an owner.
  • [SIGN-1248] - Implemented auto update of the number of signers in forms.
  • [SIGN-1251] - Modified envelope/form API methods for create/update field location to support alignment.
  • [SIGN-1252] - Implemented changes in the final PDF generation to support fields alignment.
  • [SIGN-1254] - When changing font properties for a field in field preparation, make the changes visible for the user.
  • [SIGN-1256] - Restrict fonts in fields preparation to the font supported natively in the Aspose components
  • [SIGN-1257] - Set predefined list of standard colors in fields preparation
  • [SIGN-1258] - Add entry in the audit log for envelope for each notification that has been sent.
  • [SIGN-1262] - Implemented fields navigation in normal envelope sign.
  • [SIGN-1265] - Implemented create template from an envelope in the UI.
  • [SIGN-1269] - Add a drop down for filtering audit logs in envelope.
  • [SIGN-1270] - When creating a template from an envelope, set recipient's name by the role.
  • [SIGN-1279] - Extend the recipient info in the recipient tool tip to include information for the current recipient status and timestamp of the last action.
  • [SIGN-1284] - In embed link dialog in envelopes/forms dashboard, added information for the target.
  • [SIGN-1287] - Implemented changes in envelope.document.add API method.
  • [SIGN-1288] - Implemented changes in template.document.addd
  • [SIGN-1289] - Implemented changes in form.document.add.
  • [SIGN-1290] - Added parse fields option in add document step for envelope, template, and form.
  • [SIGN-1304] - Make the message of the validation popup more specific when exiting from step 5.
  • [SIGN-1308] - Added tool tip for recipient in the envelope dashboard and the recipient role.
  • [SIGN-1309] - Implemented changes in envelope.create.
  • [SIGN-1310] - Implemented changes in envelope.modify.
  • [SIGN-1311] - Added new option in step 3 in the envelope preparation wizard.
  • [SIGN-1316] - Implemented changes in envelope.field.modify.
  • [SIGN-1317] - Added guidance text field in the field settings area.
  • [SIGN-1319] - Implemented changes in template.field.add.
  • [SIGN-1320] - Implemented changes in template.field.modify.
  • [SIGN-1321] - Implemented changes in form.field.add.
  • [SIGN-1323] - Added guidance text field in field settings area for templates.
  • [SIGN-1324] - Added guidance text field in field settings area for forms.
  • [SIGN-1325] - If the owner is set as the only signer in an envelope, add new option on last step of the preparation wizard: sign now.
  • [SIGN-1329] - Added in-person sign option for envelopes.
  • [SIGN-1330] - Implemented the breadcrumb in dashboards and wizards in signature 2.
  • [SIGN-1333] - Implemented envelope.cancel API method.
  • [SIGN-1334] - Fixed the templates references in database.
  • [SIGN-1335] - Attached font style and text alignment buttons to the API calls.
  • [SIGN-1351] - If there are changes in field settings and the user tries to select other field, display confirmation message and offer to save changes for Forms preparation.
  • [SIGN-1352] - In envelope and template preparation wizard, if there are field changes, the wizard switching step should first display a confirmation dialog.

Bugs Fixed

  • [SIGN-816] - Made single line field content, centered horizontally.
  • [SIGN-1190] - Forms: Embed signing, the tool tip of sign button do not display correct information.
  • [SIGN-1191] - Cloning field location on different page do not work.
  • [SIGN-1192] - Encoding issues in signature fields.
  • [SIGN-1193] - Fixing issues in envelope preparation wizard related with new page hash in the URL introduced.
  • [SIGN-1194] - Fixing all links in tools menus to lead to signature 2.
  • [SIGN-1195] - Review integration with Google drive and point all actions to signature 2.
  • [SIGN-1196] - Forms wizard layout broken on first load.
  • [SIGN-1197] - Sequential signing do not work correctly.
  • [SIGN-1198] - Problem with verifying signed document.
  • [SIGN-1199] - Navigation issue in templates wizard.
  • [SIGN-1200] - Fixing viewer in signature 1.
  • [SIGN-1201] - Forms: Preparation wizard step 3, after refresh, the user is returned to step1.
  • [SIGN-1203] - Review all API methods and swagger attributes.
  • [SIGN-1204] - Performance issues in envelope/template add document.
  • [SIGN-1208] - SVG signature signing document from Google drive does not work.
  • [SIGN-1209] - Low resolution of signature on the last page when svg is used.
  • [SIGN-1210] - In fields preparation, the fields tool tip stays on while dragging the field.
  • [SIGN-1211] - Change the signature color and background in final signed document.
  • [SIGN-1212] - In fields preparation, the fields tool tip stays on while resizing the field.
  • [SIGN-1214] - Improve tool tips for required messages.
  • [SIGN-1215] - Validate drop down fields settings when exiting at step 5.
  • [SIGN-1216] - Typed signature bleed outside the rectangle for some fonts.
  • [SIGN-1217] - Ensure that the drawing, typing signature works correctly on tablets.
  • [SIGN-1218] - In embed sign envelope, the sign button tool tip is hidden too fast and can't be clicked.
  • [SIGN-1219] - Improve hot keys behavior in fields preparation.
  • [SIGN-1221] - Update the style of verify signed document dialog in signed and signed embedded.
  • [SIGN-1222] - For envelopes created from template, validate the recipients on step2 and during the send step.
  • [SIGN-1223] - Editing and saving a recipient in template preparation, shows duplicated order message.
  • [SIGN-1225] - Click on a signature in signatures dashboard should open an edit dialog.
  • [SIGN-1226] - Ensure that import contacts is working.
  • [SIGN-1227] - Implement ordering template recipient in the UI.
  • [SIGN-1228] - Fix the style of the import contacts dialog.
  • [SIGN-1229] - Fixing styles on various places in signature.
  • [SIGN-1230] - Fixing document sharing for envelope recipients.
  • [SIGN-1232] - Can't reset uploaded signature to blank.
  • [SIGN-1233] - The data for fields for recipients who already signed the envelope are not loaded in the sign screen.
  • [SIGN-1235] - Can't select from a drop down field in Firefox.
  • [SIGN-1236] - Order envelopes by modified date in envelopes dashboard.
  • [SIGN-1239] - Drop a file in the new verify signed document page doesn't work.
  • [SIGN-1241] - Problems in the forms with selecting next field or finish button.
  • [SIGN-1242] - Fixing invalid markup in embed sign/signed in signature 2.
  • [SIGN-1246] - Signature 1: In envelope/form embed sign, the tool tip of the sign button disappear very quickly,
  • [SIGN-1249] - Forms: After document is uploaded, some hints are still visible,
  • [SIGN-1250] - Integrate new dialogs styles for verifying documents in signed and signed embedded envelopes.
  • [SIGN-1253] - Fixing styles in signature 2 and signature verification page.
  • [SIGN-1259] - On step 2, in envelope preparation, clicking quickly on add me button adds the owner as recipient twice.
  • [SIGN-1260] - Creating signature from the right toolbar doesn't work.
  • [SIGN-1261] - Integrate svg signing in forms.
  • [SIGN-1263] - Signature 1: In IE8, embed envelope sign, the start button is not displayed.
  • [SIGN-1264] - Sign and reminder manager crashing the converter service.
  • [SIGN-1266] - Desktop notifications for forms in chrome doesn't work.
  • [SIGN-1267] - Fields summary for templates are not visible during final step of preparation.
  • [SIGN-1268] - When moving/resizing fields with keyboard in envelope/template/form preparation, the tool tips should be hidden.
  • [SIGN-1271] - Low performance on loading forms dashboard.
  • [SIGN-1272] - Embed sign envelope: when clicking the confirm signature button, the start button reappears.
  • [SIGN-1273] - Remove the background of typed signature and make the generated signature transparent.
  • [SIGN-1276] - When the audit log popup is visible, and start scrolling, the page behind the popup is scrolling too.
  • [SIGN-1277] - Display confirmation dialog before restarting an envelope from the dashboard.
  • [SIGN-1278] - The envelopes list in dashboard is resetting to top position before any action that displays confirmation dialog.
  • [SIGN-1281] - Issue with field positioning in the landscape documents.
  • [SIGN-1283] - In signed and signed embed, the start button is always visible.
  • [SIGN-1285] - Investigate and fix the issues with the viewer in signature.
  • [SIGN-1286] - Display confirmation dialog before copying a form in forms dashboard.
  • [SIGN-1291] - Validate that all recipients with role signer/owner have fields when exiting from step 5 in envelope preparation wizard.
  • [SIGN-1292] - Save recipients order in envelope preparation wizard when exiting from step 2.
  • [SIGN-1293] - Save envelope name in envelope preparation wizard when exiting from step 3
  • [SIGN-1294] - Save form name in form wizard when exiting from step 2
  • [SIGN-1295] - If document is renamed in the envelope, and this envelope is copied, the new document name is lost.
  • [SIGN-1296] - Investigating issue with viewer in comparison.
  • [SIGN-1298] - Review all tool tips in signature and ensure that they are using the styled view.
  • [SIGN-1300] - When adding documents to form, parse the detects for the fields markups.
  • [SIGN-1301] - Envelope preparation wizard has issue with removing document with fields.
  • [SIGN-1302] - In embed sign in signature 1, if there is no logged in user, the fields load and disappears.
  • [SIGN-1303] - In embed sign in signature 1 if there is not logged in user, the fields load and disappears.
  • [SIGN-1305] - The recipient name is not populated in signature 2 embed signing.
  • [SIGN-1307] - Issue with signature embed sign in IE 9.
  • [SIGN-1312] - Recipients with role CC should not be able to open the envelope before it has been signed.
  • [SIGN-1313] - Only the owner should see the embed link popup when clicking the recipients buttons in envelopes dashboard.
  • [SIGN-1314] - Fixing issues in form and templates related with parsing fields in document settings.
  • [SIGN-1315] - Implement changes in envelope.field.add.
  • [SIGN-1326] - Validation for set fields for a recipient do not work correctly.
  • [SIGN-1327] - Can't add owner as recipient.
  • [SIGN-1328] - Reorder buttons at the last step of envelope wizard when only owner is recipient
  • [SIGN-1331] - Fix the dashboards breadcrumb.
  • [SIGN-1332] - Incorrect behavior of the upload tool tip in envelope wizard.
  • [SIGN-1337] - Error "The given Key does not exist in Dictionary" when creating form from template.
  • [SIGN-1338] - Forms created from template cannot be assigned if those contain text field.
  • [SIGN-1280] - Issue with sent emails from production.
  • [SIGN-1340] - The cancel envelope event is not displayed correctly in the audit log.
  • [SIGN-1341] - Make the records for the sent emails in the audit log more specific and point the recipient email.
  • [SIGN-1342] - In sign envelope screen, the fields tool tips do not load the correct text set during preparation.
  • [SIGN-1344] - In fields preparation, when toolbar for a field is visible, dragging the toolbar should not move the field.
  • [SIGN-1345] - Style and align settings for a field should be immediately previewed once set.
  • [SIGN-1346] - If there are changes in field settings and the user try to select other field, display confirmation message and offer to save changes.
  • [SIGN-1347] - When copy a form, sometimes the form fields are duplicated
  • [SIGN-1348] - In the forms dashboard, paging do not work.
  • [SIGN-1356] - In forms fields preparation, the field settings toolbar has incorrect behavior.
  • [SIGN-1357] - If reload the browser when in step 3 of forms preparation, the document is not loaded
  • [SIGN-1360] - Wrong font size for the second recipients in the signature dialog, when envelope is in-person sign.
  • [SIGN-1361] - Hide the error message that is displayed if the user reloads the browser during in-person signing.
  • [SIGN-1362] - The sign button in envelope sign screen is not enabled even if all fields are filled.
  • [SIGN-1370] - When only one document is in an envelope, the drop down for selecting documents should not be visible in sign and embed sign.
  • [SIGN-1377] - Forms can't be deleted.
  • [SIGN-1379] - Ensure that the placed fields width/height are constrained to the field type minimal width/height.
  • [SIGN-1382] - Remove the document drop down in signature 1 sign/embed sign if only one document is in envelope.
  • [SIGN-1383] - Fixes in signature API.
  • [SIGN-1385] - Signature fields guidance text limits.


Features Implemented

  • Major
    • [CORE-914] Accounts' monthly usage report.
    • [CORE-932] Signups per day report.
    • [CORE-944] Mail merge for PowerPoint documents.
    • [CORE-933] Subscription plan promo codes support.
    • [CORE-952] Documents content re-indexing tool.
  • Minor
    • [CORE-917] Google analytics integration and enhancement.
    • [CORE-926] A link to Support forum in the footer.
    • [CORE-941] Recovery options for windows services setup on installation.
    • [CORE-943] Document assembly with regions API usage sample.
    • [CORE-946] A new Welcome email template.

Bugs Fixed

  • Critical
    • [CORE-925] Banckle forum cookies are not refreshed on logging in/out.
    • [CORE-957] Upload on dashboard fails.
    • [CORE-965] New user registration fails.
    • [CORE-970] Context menu does not work on dashboard.
    • [CORE-966] Files cannot be removed from the Dashboard.
  • Major
    • [CORE-355] Documents with the same name get uploaded even without a warning.
    • [CORE-945] File name is wrong in remove file dialog box.
    • [CORE-930] Sub-folders cannot be created on dashboard.
  • Minor
    • [CORE-935] A typo in applications help widget.


Features Implemented

  • [CORE-922] Banckle forum users creation for new signs up.
  • [CORE-923] File.metadata synchronization option for remote storages.
  • [CORE-929] SDK method for authorization operation from the shared endpoint.
  • [CORE-939] Subscription promo code simulation API.
  • [CORE-945] Subscription cancellation Dynabic event handler.
  • [CORE-928] Questionnaire conditional logic API.
  • [CORE-931] HTML5 document viewing service.
  • [CORE-936] Document page HTML representation retrieval API.
  • [CORE-937] Document viewing request for HTML5 viewer.
  • [CORE-964] Extra fields for the system notifications entity.
  • [CORE-954] Documents password protection API.
  • [CORE-955] Document password setting API.
  • [CORE-956] Questionnaire expiration time validation.

Bugs Fixed

  • [CORE-726] Sign up when Dynabic is unavailable issue.
  • [CORE-868] Cannot upload XLS file on EU.
  • [CORE-918] BadRequest when shared with wrong email.
  • [CORE-919] Cannot create folder.
  • [CORE-920] Document cannot be viewed when splitting into pages, partially fails.
  • [CORE-942] Unnecessary temp files are not removed by the document viewing service.
  • [CORE-934] Subscription state change event is rejected.
  • [CORE-391] questionnaire.remove raises error "Unable to remove questionnaire from the database.
  • [CORE-949] Null thumbnail generated for UploadWeb.
  • [CORE-951] External component has thrown an exception.
  • [CORE-971] Parameter order is wrong in swagger specs.
  • [CORE-953] Folders with spaces cannot be created.
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