GroupDocs.Annotation lets you add notes to PDF and Word documents, as well as to image files – all directly from a web browser. It is a convenient web-based tool that doesn’t require any software installation and allows you and your colleagues to annotate documents online.

Moreover, with GroupDocs.Annotation, you can add your notes to a document and then send it for approval or review, or share the document with others for online collaborative review in real-time. This way you get feedback faster and can keep everyone’s notes and comments in a single file.

Annotate PDF Documents with a Set of Online Mark-Up Tools

Add Notes, Highlight Text, Draw Lines and Mark Up Points

Whether you want to add notes to PDF or Word documents, this can be easily done thanks to a wide range of commenting tools:

  • Text Notes - highlight text and add a comment to it.
  • Area Notes - insert a shape to highlight a particular area in a document and add a comment to that area.
  • Point Notes - insert a comment to any point in a document.
  • Strikeout - strike out text.
  • Polyline - draw freehand lines and shapes.
Add Notes to PDF files And Images

Annotate Images Just Like Text Documents

With GroupDocs.Annotation, you can add notes to images just like you would do to PDF or Word documents. This is extremely useful when reviewing pictures, graphics, photos and image-rich documents. This approach allows you to collaborate on layouts, drawings and designs just as effectively as on articles, stories and corporate documents.

Collaborative Online PDF Annotation

Collaborate in Real-Time to Get Faster Feedback

There's no longer any need to email a document back and forth each time it gets updated. With GroupDocs, you and your colleagues can annotate PDF and Word documents, share ideas through comments, and see each other's notes in real-time. This way the document can be reviewed much faster, as everyone gets instant feedback and approval on their suggestions.

Export Word Notes

Export Notes as Comments for Microsoft Word Documents (Beta)

When you have annotated a Microsoft Word document, you can save it with all your notes intact. Comments made with GroupDocs’ web-based interface are exported as original Microsoft Word comments. This allows you to continue the document annotation offline in Microsoft Word.

Print Documents with Your Notes

Print Out Documents with Notes

As well as saving and exporting notes, you can print a document complete with comments. This gives you a hard copy which can be saved as a backup or be used for other purposes.