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"Excellent service and excellent products. They were extremely helpful and responsive during the implementation process, can't recommend them highly enough."

Martin Lasarga

Product Manager
at Axentria ECM by G.S.I.

Turn Document Templates into Web Forms

Turn Document Templates into Web Forms

GroupDocs works with your existing templates - simply upload a PDF form or Word template with merge fields prepared using any office software you already use. So no need to learn any new template design tools and it is easy enough to be used by non-developer employees.

Collect Data Seamlessly

Collect Data Seamlessly

A wizard-like interface allows you to seamlessly build web forms (online surveys) associated with your document templates. The web forms can then be embedded into a web-page, business application, or simply sent to respondents as a web link.

Online PDF Annotation

Assemble Documents On-The-Fly

Recipients complete the surveys in a web browser guided by your hints. GroupDocs captures data entered by users and automatically incorporates it into your templates. For each completed survey a new unique document is assembled on-the-fly.

Ensure Successful Adoption

Ensure Successful Adoption

GroupDocs.Assembly for Cloud is an off-the-shelf application that can be used as is by any business team without involving IT staff or time-consuming consultants. Anyone who is familiar with Microsoft Office can start working with GroupDocs.Assembly straight away.

Integrate into Any Workflow

Integrate into Any Workflow & Application

For software vendors, system integrators and organizations who want to add document assembly functionality into their own applications or build custom workflows, we offer a cloud-based RESTful API and a downloadable .NET library, which can work with different data sources.